Frankincense eye ritual

Turn the bottle of Frankincense on your right middle finger for a very short moment. Then massage your middle finger onto your posterior fontanelle, which is the Marma point Adhipati for a slow count of ten. Repeat the process on your right middle finger and then rub it on the marma point Ajna, or Nasa Mula (the 3rd eyepoint), right between and a fraction above the level of your eyebrows.

Marma points on face

Massage this point for a slow count of ten. Breathe deeply through your nose and feel your feet flat on the floor as you sense the arches of your feet softening.

Put a drop of Frankincense into the palm of your left hand. Rub your hands very briskly together for about 10-15 seconds, generating a lot of heat in your hands. Now, keeping your eyes open, cover your eyes with your palms without touching your eyes, and breathe deeply. For many of us, tears will soon begin streaming from our eyes. Stay with this experience, keeping your eyes open for as long as you can.

Wipe the tears from your cheeks, take a little walk in your room, and feel the shift that occurs with your energy. This is one of the best rituals for shifting ourselves out of painful emotional feelings. It creates a lightness and spaciousness in our energy fields, and within a few minutes, you will feel brighter, with a lot more energy and improved vision.

For those who really want to improve their eyesight, this is an excellent ritual to do twice a day, along with taking at least 3 drops of Frankincense 3 times a day internally. Work at this daily for 3 weeks and I look forward to hearing your “eye stories”.

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Rex Lassalle