Creating sacred space

Sacred Space

Once you have stability and routine present in your life, then the next step to take is gradually becoming conscious of other dimensions of life. When you do this, it is good to ensure that you have quality time available so that you can truly connect with what is now opening for you, or rather what you are “opening to”. The foundation for this is to create Sacred Space. The oils are magnificent support in creating such an environment.

One way is to acknowledge the three realms of heaven, human beings and earth. You are going to choose three different oils to represent these three realms, and begin to acknowledge their presence in your life. In the room where you are invoking Sacred Space, choose a ledge or cupboard top that is close to the ceiling to represent Heaven.

Now, roll a bottle of Frankincense or Palo Santo between your hands for about a minute as you
centre yourself feeling effortless, gentle breaths flowing in and out of your lungs. You will then open the bottle of Frankincense or Palo Santo and place it at the top of this shelf to represent Heaven.

Next, take a bottle of Cypress essential oil to represent human beings, repeat the process with the
rolling and breathing, and then open the bottle and place it on a table or window sill, something at waist height. Your representative for the dimension of Earth can be Clove or Oregano. Do the same ritual for a minute with the bottle of oil, then open the bottle and place it on the floor.

Now, sit in a comfortable chair, or in a meditative posture if you are so inclined, and just be aware
of your gentle breathing. Allow at least 20 minutes of your time for this process. Of course, you can take longer. In the process of being aware of your breathing, also be present to the vibration of the oils you have opened, which are now present in the room.

Allow this meditation to take you where it takes you. I have no comments about where this might be, except to say that the vibrations in the room will be of a higher frequency, and your blending
with these vibrations is what will empower your journey. Obviously, have your cell phone switched off and your wifi connection unplugged. Some of you may live close to nature, the woods, the lakes, the hills. You may find doing this ritual of connecting with Sacred Space may leave you more attuned and receptive to the communication and blessings from nature and
the power of your connection to it.

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  1. Wow Rex, I can feel the power of this before even experiencing it 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing your wisdom. I’m looking forward to doing this.
    With gratitude, Lindsey x


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