This month August 8th 2023 to September 7th 2023 we will be experiencing the impact of the 2 Earth Child Star in our lives.

What I share here is very relevant for those of us who live north of the Equator. From this date we are under the influence of that 2 Earth Child Star in a 4 Wood Star year. Also starting August 8th the energy of the Earth is involved with a Metal phase of energy. Yes the start of Autumn is unfolding in the Northern Hemisphere

What is the Self-Care that we need to engage?

What adjustments is the Cosmos asking us to make as we are unconsciously dancing and navigating these energies in our lives?


Can you not simplify what all of this is about?
As that would be most helpful!

OK let me put out the Element pieces that are happening this month.
The 4 Wood Energy is still the dominant force…yes Wind and its many changes is surely here with us in the Northern Hemisphere.

At times bringing lots of rain and then that drops away and it blows in another direction and irritation, frustration and indecisiveness are then apparent.

. My sense is that many of us has had such themes as the backdrop to our life experiences over the months this year. The 4 Wood Star is linked to our Gall Bladder, the decision maker in our lives. For many of us, especially if we are governed by a 24/7 reality with no relatedness to nature and her changing messages. Decision making more than likely has been one stalled by indecisivenes.

Should I or Shouldn’t I?

The 2 Earth Child Star of this month is the matriarch, the nurturer. It is linked to our stomach our capacity to digest things which also includes experiences. Such experiences are hopefully happy, joyful ones.

Time of Nurturing

Those that immediately trigger our oxytocin levels as we smell our favourite dish. That impulse of feeling and wanting to engage with what is happening in our lives at all levels is very much the theme that is present for us this month. A fixating is very present where we are in the hunt for happy outcomes.

Happy Outcomes

Seasonal Energetic Impacts

Limiting the intake of those cold summery treats is being asked of us. To ignore that hint from Mother Nature in the Northern Hemisphere will surely trigger some Respiratory challenges as we move to the end of August.

Autumn is the time of the Metal energy which is all about our lungs, colon and skin. This hint from time as we see the changing of the colours of the trees tells us that there is downward energetic pull that is happening to us in the Northern Hemisphere. A clear hint of letting go of our summer habits and lifestyle and start of engaging with what Autumn is giving us.
What harvest that is there for us to receive.

What Harvest awaits us this Autumn?

To receive we have to be empty…we have to let go. Clearly hinting that deep bowel movements will support that process of receiving what the Autumn has to give us.

Self Care Suggestions

What are the key self care tips for us in this 2 Earth Child Star month?

  1. Take time to enjoy your meal times. Avoid rushing your meals, engage with smelling and tasting your food. Give yourself permission to have it as a ceremony.
  2. Insure that you have daily deep bowel movements. That sense of space occurs in your being when you have had a deep bowel movement.
  3. Make time to connect with people. Allow the social aspect of yourself to be present this month. Extending a helping hand to a neighbour or friend will surely be a virtuous action that will create extraordinary moments for all concerned.
  4. Let that compassionate nature that resides in your being, give it permission to flourish this month.

Let us sing praises for this 2 Earth Child Star month from 8th August to 7th September 2023

Let these Praises bring us many Blessings

Many Thanks!


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Rex Lassalle