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Alchemy in its original definition from antiquity is about the transmutation from one state of consciousness to another and the process in so doing. Time is what gives Alchemy its landscape of that process. To use an alchemical word this book is a “distillation” of a lifetime of experience, intuition, knowledge, tradition and observation, based on an ancient lineage that has itself stood the test of “time”.

There are many that may philosophically state that Time isn’t really real (some of you may remember the James Taylor Song “The Secret of Life” from the Album “JT” where he sings that “the secret of life is enjoying the passing of time”, and then that “Time isn’t really real”..“depends on your point of view, How does it feel for you? Einstein said that he couldn’t really understand it all…”) However Rex shows that aspects of Time have an energy and an influence that can be meaningful in our lives, with practical applications.

The Alchemical Flask is the space where the transformation takes place based on the elements that Life and Nature gave you and that you spin from within yourself- without Time (a component in the Theory of Relativity itself we are told ) these elements cannot manifest and unfold their purpose.

In an era where Science and Rationalism rule the roost, and controlling governments base their largely decisions on numbers in themselves often based on averaging out large blobs of data, not to mention standardisation, scientific evidence, and “expert opinions”, I am glad that this book has been launched by a friend I have known loved and respected since the mid-1970s to bring a little known area of ancient knowledge- tried and tested over “Time”, to the public awareness.

Whilst this book has its own logic, the focus is more practical and grounded rather than intellectual or philosophical, and deals with early life patternings (including in-utero considerations) that may exist within the resonant frequencies that a soul may have chosen to experience when journeying back through its life on earth.

The Alchemy of Time is a biological system not a conceptual one linked with the seasons, the bodily organs, yang and yin. It is not a numerological system but used to point to qualities of energy that are linked to a cosmological view of life.

Principles are clearly explained as are strategies for self-healing and well-being, which are offered to help the reader find whatever works for them in their own unique way. It is suggestive rather than directive, wise rather than dogmatic.

He pleas for a more humane approach to childbirth and child rearing to avoid the potential harm that the efficient managerial approach to the health and birth of current and future generations, and quite rightly cites as “dumb” to use convenience and a conveyor belt consciousness when bringing children into this world.

At most basic, given the different child star possibilities, birth, pregnancy, education should not be standardised in their upbringing- each will have different needs and tendencies.

The ancient correlations between energetic qualities and the Elemental influences in Nature are given and wise council for those who may be rearing the next generations who will have to deal with and inherit the results of the actions of the recent ones. A unifying system obeying the laws of Nature and Life rather than the random constructs of our commercially driven world are an antidote to the apparent chaos and collective craziness we sometimes are aware of around us, and Rex has been an ocean of calm and reassurance for so many people for most of his life. What he says is worth listening to. So much of what gets said these days comes from a place of bias and lack of openness. I hope that this book will open some doors for you.

I wish this latest offering from Rex every success and hope that it finds its’ place in the growing library of self-help, self-awareness literature that frees and enables people to gladly take responsibility for their own spiritual, health or well being journey, whatever that may mean for them.

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