Your emotions and The alchemy of time

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This excerpt is about the impact that the Alchemy of TIME has had on my life and the curiosity of many students and clients as to “where does that come from, where does it exist?” Time as we know it Mutiny & BloodThis excerpt is what I experienced the day before I was released from … Read more

greta thunberg

A Global Icon seen through the eyes of The Alchemy of TIME!

GRETA THUNBERG SPEAKS  You only talk about green eternal economic growth  Because you are too scared of being unpopular I care about Climate Justice and the Living Planet  We do need hope, of course we do But the one thing we need more than hope is action Once we start to act, hope is everywhere.  GRETA THUNBERG   She was … Read more

9 Star Ki Weekend

㊨ Discover your 9 Star Ki Birthdate Pattern and how it impacts on your life and frames your personality ㊨ Discover Health secrets that support you, based on your 9 Star Ki pattern ㊨ Learn how to best navigate your life in 2016 with health and career tips Dates:   Saturday November 7th from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. Sunday November 8th from 9.30 a.m. … Read more

Alessandra Pezza

I had the chance to meet Rex Lassalle in October 2012, on the occasion of a seminar about Detox Shiatsu organised by the Shiatsu Institute where I was training as a shiatsu practitioner. Having a University degree as a conference interpreter, I was asked to participate in the Detox seminar in order to translate for … Read more

Francesca Cagliari, Mathematics professor

I participated in Rex Lassalle’s seminar in Pistoia in November 2015. I found the workshop very inspiring and interesting. There were two aspects that particularly struck me, besides the great kindness and attention that Rex gave to all the participants. Firstly, what I understood from what Rex presented was: Each has their own way of dealing with … Read more

Robert Süss, Consult Coaching Trainer

I remember very well in 1984 when I met Rex the first time during his Shiatsu teaching at the Kushi Institut Amsterdam. The macrobiotic studies opened my consciousness for other dimensions but finally it was Rex who threw me out of my life. Since he was encouraging me more than thirty years ago to became … Read more

Barbra Wilson

Barbra Wilson

‘Rex has produced what I would call the first handbook to self-discovery and parenting that has ever been written. He guides you through the mire of patterns in your life and shows you the roadmap of how to free you from yourself and furthermore nurture your children in a way that one would imagine our … Read more


Artemis Book Review

I would love to say that The Alchemy of Time is a great book to read, however I’d be lying. The fact is that it’s a phenomenal book. It’s written with heart and with a deep intention to serve and awaken, yet it also carries a beautiful simplicity. Within its simplicity are profound statements of … Read more

Sotai course i Espoo

Sotai is a Japanese body therapy developed by Dr. Keizo Hashimoto, a Japanese M.D. It aims to correct structural imbalances by doing movements to the non- painful side of the body. In other words, the musculoskeletal pain is corrected by making movements on the pleasurable side. The program will cover 2 aspects: A simple protocol of … Read more

Rex Lassalle