Zazen meditation

Wishing to have a calm mind? Do Zazen meditation!

If the wish is to have a calm mind or at least to be able to switch to having a calm mind, then it is time you get a Zafu and put your bum on it to join the adventure of discovering your calm mind.

Obviously, we have many different lifestyles and hobbies. Should martial arts be one of your hobbies, especially if it is a way of life? Then the time has come for you to put your bum onto your zafu and cultivate observing some calm smooth breathing. This will bring you home to yourself and ease your troubled mind.

Of course, many of us are doing Yoga these days, which is a fantastic way to look after our bodies. To take your Yoga to deeper levels of awareness and consciousness? Then putting your bum on a Zafu will give you that. As you observe the calmness of your breath whilst maintaining a good posture. Zazen will surely amplify the benefits of your Yoga practice. Then there are those who are stressed out even close to burnout. Zazen meditation will turn that around for you step by step.

Rex Lassalle will lead Zazen meditation sessions.

  • Address: Raseborg Aikikai – Kungsgatan 14, 10600 Raseborg, Finland
  • Time: 7 a.m. every Saturday. The door is opening from 6.45 a.m.
  • Fee: free of charge. Come and join me. If you wish, donate towards incense you can.

On a personal note

When I began doing Zazen meditation, I was starting my Aikido practice in London with Kanetsuka Sensei. I was very nervous and tense on the mat, along with feeling awkward. Sensei began teaching it and I was invited to participate. This changed my life in a profound way and it took me on a journey with myself that created deeper contact with my parents.

When my father passed on, Zazen is what took me out of my soul ripping grief within two months. As I dedicated my Zazen meditation every morning for him then chanted the Heart Sutra. I remember a morning some two months later when my heart felt lighter and there was just more “space” in my being after I did Zazen. When I visited my mother that day with her all-knowing depth of knowingness. She told me “Rex, your father moved this morning”. My mother had this way of speaking about such things in a very tangible way. I said, “how do you mean Mum?” She said, “he moved into another room that is lighter”. I said “yes as this morning I have a lighter feeling in my being about the grief.” She said, “exactly, he did move”.

Taking this conversation to even a deeper level, the morning when my mother passed on, I had a Technicolor dream where I was attending a Zen sesshin with Eido Roshi & Jiro Osho in New York. It was a Rohatsu sesshin. When I attended a year later. It was identical as I saw it in the dream.

Please do not read that as if there are only sad stories linked with Zazen. In my life, a lot of what would seem to be “magical experiences/coincidences” have happened to me. I share many of these in my audiobook.

Any question about Zazen meditation, let me know.

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