She has said that after the US Open final, which she won on September 8th 2018 that she has suffered with Depression.

What is this telling us?

Yes readers and members, some of you have text me and asked me “What would you tell Naomi Osaka, if she came to see you?”

So here I go with my answer to that request. As you well know I would need to share my process as to why and what I would be telling her if she was sitting opposite me for her consultation and treatment.

I say that, as it was very different as to how my parents “read situations & experiences”. They would just nail it with 100% accuracy with one word or a sound byte. Any request of mine as to “Why you said that? Or how you know that or could say that?” Was met with their favourite mantra to me with such questions. “Chile don’t ask stupid questions, just watch and you will see.” That was my authentic childhood education in a nutshell as it carried bulls eye accuracy endlessly.

Let’s look at the Context of TIME in that period when she said Depression began.

Through the Alchemy of TIME lens, 2018 was a 9 Fire year

TIME and its elements is always a backdrop as to what is happening in our lives. It is our perpetual witness. I always look to find out what that witness of TIME is telling us about a situation.

In that 9 Fire year Naomi’s 3 Wood Adult star was in the 8 Earth House. The 8 Earth house is very much the position of the Observer, the one is high up the mountain looking down as to “what’s going on” It is a year of transition. Her 6 Metal Child Star was in the 2 Earth house. This is also a domain of transition but it is more about socializing and connecting with friends and close family members. Both of her Elemental birth stars are in Earth houses. It is a time of digesting experiences and also looking after one’s digestive system. Digesting also means our emotional and mental experiences.

Here was a defining triumphant moment in Osaka’s life that was taken from her by what had happened on the court that day.” These were Serena’s words about the incident. Serena was devastated by what had happened. That one of the happiest memories in her long and successful career was taken from Naomi. Serena went on to say “my heart broke”.

I am going to anchor it on this moment and how that was for both Naomi and Serena as the seed principle of her depression.


What was present in that SPACE that day of Naomi’s win, the conflict of Serena standing up for her rights with the referee? This was Naomi’s view as to what had happened.

What was TIME telling us on that day Saturday September 8th 2018

September 8th of that year was an 8 Earth month. Naomi’s 6 Metal Child star was in the 3 Wood house that month, emotionally for her, it was a time of new beginnings. Serena’s 1 Water Child Star was in the 7 Metal house. Serena’s birthday gives her the pattern of the double 1 Water Star personality. Both her child and adult star are water.

The being of TIME was perfecting the process. A new birth, a new start was happening for Naomi, whilst for Serena she was in the setting Sun position of being with her glory and achievements conveying this in her exchange with Naomi.

But the glory of the presence of that 8 Earth energy was interrupted by the referee’s judgement in the matter.

One can imagine the referee saying to himself; “just another match that I am umpiring and I will approach from my own perspective. It could be robots playing these are the rules and that is all I do and there is no room for any emotions with me on this court.”

That was where the referee was and so it was and he was doing his job.

On the court there was something else occurring that went beyond tennis.

It was taking us back to some ancient ritual of conveying transmissions. Yes the context was different it is a competitive game but for both of them there was something else happening and “You can’t thief this moment from me.” Yes it was seen as a point, it does seem something else was stirring in Serena’s communication that words could not represent.

Yet toxicity has remained that now is released in France. We now have it with the authorities and administrators being the other side of the net. This issue is now brewing in the Tennis world. This is a big wave and its repercussions in the world of sport will be felt for most of this year if not longer.

I have to go in a very different direction with this conversation to bring another aspect, which is not part of the Western scientific or academic approach when writing about this experience.

There is a biological energetic dimension, which occurs with women. Let me explain, I know this from my work as a health counsellor back in the 70’s & 80’s. I saw women from Belfast and also some from Beirut when the troubles were happening in those locations. One of the dominant aspects of young women who lived in these locations was that their monthly cycle had stopped. The turbulence in those areas triggered such a response. At times we have heard that if many women are having their monthly cycle and a woman joins those women to work or socialize, it often triggers a cycle for the woman joining the group outside of her normal cycle.

For Naomi Osaka she is meeting her idol that has been her hero since she was a little child. Naomi remains in awe of her even today when she speaks about her.

This comes from her Japanese background; I guess one can say her Japanese DNA. Where one is meeting their source of inspiration in life, the master, there is this deference as to the occasion and the interaction and how it occurs. This is very much how ancient Japanese culture would view such a meeting.

If we are looking at it through the Western linear mind set then it is a game where Osaka beats Williams end of story. She is now on the same page as Williams and a peer to her.

No way does Naomi embrace this or can even consider doing this. So the hallowed experience of having this surreal dream moment in her life be surrounded by boos, conflicts and upset for her idol does create a deep pain in Naomi’s psyche that such a magical moment for her happened like that.

Something went wrong in that time of this transmission.

For Williams, it was a moment of meeting a “student/disciple” of hers and though competing against her. “Here was another black woman who by following my footsteps is now facing me.” A very proud moment for her and though being shaken by how good Naomi is, this is really about her and me. Yes her coach was giving her signals from the side and the referee came out with a heavy hand about it. Serena viewed this as sexist as male players do worst things on the court and are not called for it…”why me at this special juncture?” Would be some of the inner chatter one can suspect was occurring for Serena.

They both carry this emotional pain. For Naomi this “fairy tale narrative” about her life and career has a trauma event that stained it and she is still hurting from it.

It is coming into three years since that happened and this needs to be addressed as it has ripened and Naomi has come out into the open about her depression.

This narrative of mine is very feasible and some arrangements for them to meet and have time alone together to process this would help both of them. As they would both connect with a more profound energy that got stuck back then and is asking to be processed which will empower both of them and create a radiance in the world of women’s tennis.

There are many more bits to this process than just their meeting.  Keep watching.

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