Many readers were curious about my statement of Naomi having a Sexual Affirmer Identity.

That description came from my first book on this subject about the Alchemy of TIME. It was in my Grasshopping Through Time…Using Ancient Wisdom book.

I quote from it

Sexual Affirmers tend to compensate. They are the true macho man or the true sexy woman as regards how they present themselves. Their nervous system tends to be on a constant drive for accomplishment and fulfilment. Obtaining a space where they can just simply “be” often constitutes a very difficult task for these individuals.

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Having said that I am not of the view about her being a Sexual Affirmer is the core issue with her present challenges as to  “What is her true purpose?”

Obviously, no one can answer that for her. Never the less, engaging with the Sexual Affirmer projections from her swimsuits poses and her sexy expressions pulled her into a place of distraction away from tennis.

How I look, is it sensual enough how I am marketing my fashion line? These narratives surely have grasped her attention in such a way that tennis became a distraction which she had to engage because of her sponsorship contracts and other such commitments.  


You need to tell us more about this Sexual Affirmer aspect of Naomi. Yes we hear you about it being a distraction that grabbed her when she was so focused with her tennis, but evidently there must be more.

This word Sex always creates curiosity,

Doesn’t it?

Let me give some examples from both Men and Women who have this pattern.

Men with this pattern are;

Woody Allen, Ted Kennedy, Michael Douglas, Tom Cruise, Hugh Hefner, Rod Stewart, Michael Caine, Sean Connery, Clint Eastwood, Mike Tyson, Warren Beatty, Bill Cosby, Mussolini.

Women with this pattern are;

Patty Hearst, Princess Diana, Shirley Maclaine, Meryl Streep, Judy Garland, Leslie Caron, Raquel Welch, Brooke Shields, Natalie Wood, Madonna, Celine Dion, Helen Mirren, MC Lyte.


This is a quote from my book Grasshopping Through Time…Using Ancient Wisdom

  • Constantly driven to accomplish
  • Inability to just be
  • Easily take themselves into adrenal exhaustion
  • Need for gender projection of role
  • Constantly assert presence in life
  • Inspire people and associates by accomplishments
  • Driven to take on momentous task to affirm who they are

We now come to the core of her efforts

Naomi Osaka is a Paradigm Shaker, the same as Michael Jordan, Martina Navratilova, Althea Gibson

These are three obvious sports personalities who shook the foundations of these sports by their achievements. They created new paradigms as to how their sports are played and also in the case of Althea Gibson breaking social boundaries because of whom she was in that period when she played.

Naomi brings a presence by who she is and carries the potential of putting her own signature as to how tennis is played. At the moment Serena Williams holds that position. Paradigm Shakers do take TIME before that aspect of who they are ripens.

We have seen that with Michael Jordan as previous to that it was Julius Erving also called Dr J who held that role. By the way Serena Williams is a Tenacious Romantic she carries the double 1 Water personality whilst Dr J is also a Tenacious Romantic carrying the double 2 Earth personality. That is another conversation for another time.


That ripening of Naomi into that Paradigm Shaker of Tennis is not about her surpassing the amount of grand slams that Serena has won for that to happen. As in the world of basketball there were other players who scored more points than Michael Jordan, Karl Malone and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar are two who had scored more than him.


Obviously this requires deeper levels of commitment to tennis than she is presently giving it for her to become that essential tennis icon.

It is worth mentioning that when Michael Jordan was at his peak, he was once asked by a journalist what is the secret of his success. He said one word SWEAT. Every morning he would play for an hour at his home basketball court. This was the level of hunger that he carried for what he was doing.




I can’t answer that, as my work and writings on the Alchemy of TIME is not about predicting or prophesying the future. What my insights do offer are the psychological dynamics that drive and mould us.   

What is driving Naomi presently?

It would seem from FB page and her website that her business enterprise is what has her focus.


This has created disturbing aspects to her life that she has not faced before; business decisions that has nothing to do with her tennis career. She would be involved in creating contracts with major companies where the demand of producing certain things on a yearly basis is the norm. It seems as if this is a source of frustration for her.

Yes she loves designing clothes and many things. More than likely the form it takes and the arrangements as to how it is done or expected of her is not quite the fit she had in mind. Yes the money is good and she is enjoying that but the intense competitiveness, which is a core part of her personality, has no way of manifesting in fashion designing.  

She acknowledged her intense competitiveness very early, as she always wanted to beat her elder sister Mari at tennis for many years. This was her dream. This cutthroat ambition has been fully activated and she has achieved 4 Grand Slam wins in the process all before she is 24 years of age.

The other aspect, which is creating a lot of stress for her, is her love of the cell phone and her fans. I am pretty certain that this is impacting her sleep and bringing other levels of toxicity into her system. I have no idea what boundaries she has with these devices or if any.

This seems to be an unseen factor that is impacting her mental health, as it is the norm in her age group to have a mandatory relatedness with such electronic devices. 


That turmoil of her 6 Child Star destroying her 3 Wood Child Star will continue for some more years. This is the Paradigm Shaker aspect of her personality.  I do sense that within it all her need to remain competitive in the world of tennis will continue. There is an underlying ease she carries in this field when that is her prime focus.

Expect to see some major changes in February 2022 the Spring of that 5 Earth Star year will see a rush of new energy with her Adult Star expression and new revelations about her career will arise.

Some conflict or communication issue will show up in late November early December this year. Yes that 5 Earth Star month with her 3 Wood Adult star in its natal house will want to blow off steam about something and more that likely we will hear about it, she being very much in the limelight of the media.  

We most certainly have a sports personality on the world stage whose predictability of her unfolding career is for sure not a straight line. It will have many twists and turns that I am certain will shock and twist many heads in the media and the status quo.


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