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Christelle De Meester, Shiatsu practitioner and Feng Shui specialist

Rex, I am grateful to the cosmos I have had the honor to have met you, as your endlessly insightful wisdom and deep knowledge about Shiatsu, the Nine Star Ki and life itself have given me, time and again, new insights of the cosmic connections. Unfortunately all this knowledge about the cosmic dimensions have almost … Read more
Barbra Wilson

Barbra Wilson

‘Rex has produced what I would call the first handbook to self-discovery and parenting that has ever been written. He guides you through the mire of patterns in your life and shows you the roadmap of how to free you from yourself and furthermore nurture your children in a way that one would imagine our … Read more

Artemis Book Review

I would love to say that The Alchemy of Time is a great book to read, however I’d be lying. The fact is that it’s a phenomenal book. It’s written with heart and with a deep intention to serve and awaken, yet it also carries a beautiful simplicity. Within its simplicity are profound statements of … Read more
Rex Lassalle