In Dublin, Rex began his journey into macrobiotics and connected with the Japanese 9 Star Ki System. This all took place in 1973. In December 1973 he received his first shiatsu treatment.

Teachers who have had a major influence on his career are: Masahiro Oki, Michio Kushi and Shizuko Yamamoto.

A key influence on his healing practice was the work of Dr Keizo Hashimoto, a practice taught to him by Herman & Cornelia Aihara.

Then there was the experience of meeting Sensei Minoru Kanetsuka, Rex's Aikido teacher. Kanetsuka Sensei was from another time.

A gracious and eye-opening blessing in Rex's learning curve with shiatsu was giving Chiba Sensei a Shiatsu treatment every morning at the British Aikikai summer school in England.

Another major impact on Rex's training and life was taking the EST training. Rex attended an event in London for a week in the late 1970s where Werner Erhard presented his views on personal development.

Rex founded Hara Shiatsu International in London in 1986. He has published many books and booklets.

Rex has been living in Finland for the last 5 years, an experience which he enjoys. Finland has allowed the writer within him to ripen, nourished by the country's lakes, its forests, its deep silences, and the fresh air of Tammisaari.

Rex Lassalle